Ear Wax Trouble? Sister Kate can help.

Sister Kate is a registered ENT Nurse Specialist that provides micro suction treatments to help patients remove excessive ear wax that is causing a blockage that has resulted in hearing loss or is causing unpleasant feelings in the ear.

With over 20 years’ experience in the NHS you are in safe hands with Sister Kate, who provides these services from a clinic room based at The Fort, near Park Hall, Oswestry, as well as having the ability to be mobile and carry out these procedures in the comfort of your own home ( at an additional cost).

Sister Kate can also schedule bookings that fall outside of normal working hours to accommodate people who find it hard to leave work to attend an appointment.

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Sister Kate Procedures

Microsuction Ear Wax Service

How micro suction works and the safety measures Sister Kate takes:

Micro suction is the most modern, advanced, safest, and pain-free form of ear wax removal.

Our micro suction procedure is carried out with a high-grade surgical microscope to illuminate the ear and magnify the canal and ear drum, so that Sister Kate can observe each and every part of the outer ear in high definition.

Micro suction can be performed by Sister Kate safely and effectively with a low-pressure suction ENT device which is hygienic, efficient and safe.

Micro suction, in the dexterous grip of an experienced practitioner, can provide the safe removal of wax which is stuck to the ear drum.

Even the hardest, most impacted wax can be removed first time and without pain – with micro suction, a second appointment is rarely necessary.
Although we do advise the use of oil prior to your appointment.

Using sterile, single-use-only equipment, the procedure is also completely safe and carries no risk of infection. It doesn’t take very long either – anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes per ear. Infection and foreign body removal can also be carried out using the micro suction technique, but these conditions could require a second appointment.


  • Can still be done if the ear drum is still visible- unlike irrigation.
  • Much lower risk of causing infection or a perforation as it is a dry procedure, which means no water- Also less mess!
  • Can provide instant relief from the problems caused from wax build up
  • Reduces the need for prolonged use of softening agents, such as olive oil/drops.
  • Much safer way of wax removal as the practitioner has a more accurate view of the ear canal during the procedure.
  • Can remove foreign objects that may have become stuck in the ear canal.

The National Institute for care excellence (NICE) recommend using Micro Suction as the safest way to remove wax build up.

The cost for this procedure is £60.00*
*Please note that it is the same cost for one or both ears.


Ear Examination/Assessment

Sister Kate also offers appointments for Ear examination & assessments.

This involves a thorough check of the ears using a device called an otoscope.

The otoscope contains a light and a magnifying lens to enable close examination of the ear canal and eardrum.

An ear examination can be done to look for any issues that may be causing your symptoms.

For example, lumps or objects in the canal, discharge or a build up of ear wax.

The cost for this procedure is £30.00*


Free Follow up Appointment’s

There may be an occasion when Sister Kate for whatever reason is unable to fully remove all the wax blocking in your ears. If this is the case then a follow up appointment will be offered free of charge until the treatment has been completed.

Micro Suction for Children

Children, just like adults naturally produce ear wax.

A build up of this wax can cause pain & discomfort & on occasions dizziness & mild deafness.

The use of cotton buds & regularly using ear-buds or in-ear headphones can impact the wax further.

Micro suction is a much safer & more comfortable form of ear cleaning for children.

Sister Kate will see children from the age of 6 upwards for micro suction however, due to the individual needs of each child, please contact Sister Kate directly for further advice prior to booking.

Home Visits

Sister Kate is also fully mobile, allowing clients that are unable to travel to the clinic or leave their home for whatever reason to still be seen.

Please contact Sister Kate directly for more details on home visits.

Please note there may be an additional charge for expenses depending on the distance of travel.

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Sister Kate is open for bookings but as things start going back to normal, we understand you might be feeling a bit nervous about coming to visit us.

So, to make sure it’s always as safe as possible for us and our patients, we’ve made some changes to our normal practices. Here is what we are doing:

We want to keep each other
as safe as possible so are
following government
guidelines on social

Following government
guidelines, Sister Kate will
be wearing personal
protective equipment (PPE)
as required for their
protection as well as yours.

Masks must be worn by
clients throughout the
appointment & procedure.

After each person we see in
our clinic, we are thoroughly
disinfecting the room and
all the equipment used
during each procedure,
ready for the next

We’re also going to avoid
using cash, so if you can,
please pay by card or
electronic payment
instead using our app in
advance or paying by
card on the day.

If you’ve got an appointment booked, but you’re not feeling well or you have any COVID-19 symptoms, we’d ask that you don’t come in until you’re feeling better.
We’ll make sure to arrange for a later date.

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G-05, The Fort Business Centre, Artillery Business Park,
Park Hall, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4AD


Sister Kate’s out of town location means you can avoid the rush into Oswestry town centre and there is no battling for parking spaces when you arrive! Car parking is free onsite for clients and in addition we provide a secure bicycle rack for those who wish to choose a healthy mode of transport!

Sister Kate is situated in The Fort Business Centre, Artillery Business Park, Park Hall, Oswestry, SY11 4AD and we are located directly opposite Oswestry Rugby Club, which is approximately 0.5 mile off the main A5 Holyhead to Shrewsbury Road, and signs to Artillery Business Park can be see on the Whittington Roundabout.

Once you exit the Whittington Roundabout towards Whittington, please take the first left and The Fort is based on the left hand side. Please drive through the business park gates and park up on the left hand side after the very first building on the left. There should be ample parking for you.

The Fort is well-situated being just over 1 mile from the centre of Oswestry and with close proximity to the main transport routes, it’s convenient and well suited for travel from Oswestry, Shrewsbury, Wrexham, Chester and surrounding areas. The nearest train station is also just 5 minutes away by taxi and further more there is a bus stop just 150 metres from our clinic room.

Contact info

Email:  kate@sister-kate.co.uk

Tel: 01691 888192